Rachel Foley

Ag Ops

Rachel Foley was born and raised in East Central Indiana. Rachel earned her B.S. in Agronomy in 2010 at Wilmington College, where she enjoyed a very hands on ag education. She then earned her M.S. in the Horticulture Department at Purdue University in 2012. Her research work at Purdue concentrated on crop physiology and water use in corn. Upon completing her degree, Rachel began working for Conagra Brands in Brookston, IN serving the role as Sr. Ag Operations Specialist. Rachel is a CCA and works with two other field representatives and approximately 60 growers raising up to 40,000 acres of yellow popcorn annually. While the majority of her acres are in Indiana, Rachel also has acres in Ohio and has been involved in popcorn production in Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Michigan. Additionally, Rachel is currently serving her second term on the USDA sponsored Popcorn Board as well as a member of its Technical Committee where she plays an active role in the annual publishing of the Popcorn Agri-Chemical Handbook.