Indiana CCA Conference 2021 Presentation



Specialty Sessions
Tue, Dec 14, 2021
3:00pm to 3:50pm

Irrigation & Fertilization Management in Watermelon Production in Southern Indiana

Water and fertilizer management are two important and closely related practices in vegetable production. This presentation will focus on water and fertilizer management in watermelons. We will review commonly used practices; current recommendations. An experiment focusing on nitrogen management; and information from tissue samples collected from watermelon fields across the region will be discussed. The presentation will improve audiences’ knowledge on water and fertilizer management in watermelon production, which can transfer to other vegetable crops grown in plastic mulch and drip irrigation. 


Wenjing Guan

Clinical/Engagement Assistant Professor of Horticulture
Purdue University

Wenjing Guan is the vegetable specialist located at Southwest Purdue Agricultural Center in Vincennes, IN. She leads annual watermelon and cantaloupe variety evaluations. She is the current editor of Purdue Extension Newsletter Vegetable Crops Hotline

Clinical/Engagement Assistant Professor of Horticulture: